Multi-Day Mindfulness-Focused Travel Opportunities

  • Join Dr. Brian at interesting and unique locales to experience the wonders of a new destination through the unique perspective of a Mindfulness lens
  • Customized travel opportunities, with time allocated each day for Mindfulness coaching/instructing, Mindful movement (hikes, gentle yoga, etc) as well as free time
  • Smaller groups, allowing for a more personal and customized experience
  • Summary documents of all covered material and techniques included
  • Explore your region, or explore the world, all while building a strong and lasting Mindfulness practice

Two upcoming opportunities to develop your mindfulness skills in places of breathtaking beauty

South of France

14-19 November 2023

Spring and Fall 2024

Dr. Brian has been asked to lead an immersive mindfulness retreat organized by a premier gay men’s guest house in the south of France. This retreat is set in a Napoleonic-era mansion in the stunning and ancient Languedoc region, known for its wines, local French cuisine, and gorgeous landscapes of vineyards stretching out to the horizon between country roads lined with Sycamore trees. Morning instructional and practical sessions, suitable for all levels, including beginners, will be followed by opportunities to explore the region individually and in groups. All through the heightened lens of simple mindfulness techniques to sharpen your awareness and enjoyment of the beauty around you. And the best souvenir? A deepened mindfulness practice that will follow you home to enrich every day of your life.

Please reach out to Dr. Brian to learn more!


24-30 September 2023,

“You can take the boy out of Newfoundland but. . .” For years, Dr. Brian has wanted to introduce others to both the beauty of his birthplace and to the wonders of a mindful life. What better way to explore the rugged beauty of one of Canada’s most unique and compelling regions than to combine these two in a five-day curated experience of Newfoundland culture and geography through the medium of mindfulness practice. Learn and practice mindfulness skills while walking along breathtaking ocean trails, foraging with local horticulture experts, exploring some of Newfoundland’s best-hidden tourism experiences, and eating specially prepared meals by some of the best local chefs and restaurants.

Click here to download the PDF file.

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Come for the view. Leave with perspective.