About Dr. Brian

About Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian led a thriving chiropractic practice in downtown Toronto for close to twenty years and regularly prescribed Mindfulness training to his patients to help them deal with the stress and turmoil of their day-to-day lives and find a more centered, focused way of living.

Then, in 2014, a career-changing injury compelled Dr. Brian to take the advice he’d been giving his patients for years and advance his own Mindfulness practice to deal with the disruption in his life. He needed a fundamental reset in his own coping mechanisms.

In the years since, his study of Mindfulness has led him on a progressively deeper dive, through various in-person and online courses, retreats and practice, into exploring the richness and beauty of full engagement in the moment-by-moment experience of life.

His studies have particularly focussed on the Unified Mindfulness work of Shinzen Young. Young’s systematic and accessible approach to everyday Mindfulness harmonizes the best of the many techniques available. Shinzen’s work provides an approach that makes sense and delivers the clarity and calm Dr. Brian had been seeking. Stress resilience improved, as did his sense of productivity and performance.

Now one of less than 100 certified teachers/trainers globally who have achieved this level of training within the Unified Mindfulness system of techniques, Dr. Brian offers classes, one-to-one coaching, corporate workshops, destination retreats, and mindful travel experiences to those who are looking to enhance their personal skills of concentration, clarity, and equanimity through Mindfulness.

Although Dr. Brian is retired from active chiropractic practice, his experience as a healthcare provider gives him unique insight into both the detrimental physiological effects of a psyche shadowed with stress as well as the power of the human mind and spirit to heal and succeed.

Dr. Brian’s goal? To introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of a Mindful life that’s characterized by clear perception, tranquillity, and joy.

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