Health Care Practitioners

Health Care Practitioners

You’re likely seeing a large subset of your patients and clients who are dealing with the physiological effects of a life lived with chronic stress, while others complain of exceptionally hectic lives with a palpable absence of any sense of calm or contentment. They do well with your care, but you wish you could help even more.

At Lumen Mindfulness, we understand that dilemma well. Dr. Brian experienced it over and over again in his years of chiropractic practice with patients who lacked the skills needed to bring a moment of Mindfulness into their days. It wasn’t for their lack of want: these patients usually knew they were stumbling through an unfulfilled life on autopilot. They just didn’t know what to do about it.

How we help

Lumen offers healthcare practitioners the opportunity of creating tremendous and sustainable changes in the lives of those they care for by teaching Mindfulness skills to their patients. Attainable skills.  Sustainable skills.

And what are those benefits of a Mindfulness practice? Improved health and performance, enhanced stress resilience, and increased happiness.

Custom Courses for your clients

  • Lumen works with you to create custom courses you can offer to your patients.
  • We provide all required materials and instruction.
  • You market it internally, knowing that the participants will be limited to you and your client community
  • $250 per person course fee, with free participation for you with every 10 clients enrolled

Other options

We also offer One-to-One  Mindfulness coaching, as well as the ability for you to refer clients into one of Lumen’s regularly scheduled Introduction to Mindfulness courses.  All three of these options provide your clients with easy and effective access to the benefits of Mindfulness skills that you know they need.