This course was a welcome resource during Covid times. It changed my mindset significantly and helped me not only cope but actually thrive in these strange times. I felt better myself and was better in relationships.

Brian is an excellent practitioner, guide and teacher. He brings a wealth of knowledge, practical tools, kindness and a curious mind.

The course content was rich and there was also a beautiful opportunity to practice together, as well on our own outside of the class. I was fully engaged throughout and looked forward to our weekly sessions. Thank you Brian!

Carolyn Buccongello
former HR Director, Shopify & Microsoft

Brian’s passion both for mindfulness and helping others develop their mindfulness practice was evident from the very first few minutes of class! Brian is well-organized, thoughtful, creative, patient and extremely warm.

He explains techniques clearly and answers questions with ease. He makes a Zoom meeting feel like an in-person class with his presence.

I would highly recommend this course for both people who have never tried mindfulness and are perhaps even feeling a bit skeptical or apprehensive, as well as people who have a regular meditation practice ongoing already. Brian makes all of his participants feel supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Natalie Czerwinski

My original goal with this course was to get back into the habit of meditating daily.  With your guidance throughout this course, I received so much more.

The well-thought-out course structure, all the tools provided, including online resources, your easy-going manner, clear instructions, personal stories to emphasize points and being available for additional questions or just plain conversations.

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, time and patience over the past 8 weeks.

Lynne Aube
retired BMO

I took Brian’s introductory course and found it quite helpful in supporting my meditation practice. Brian’s approach was reassuring and patient, creating a welcoming environment where I felt comfortable to talk about my experiences or ask questions. I highly recommend Brian’s teaching for anyone wanted to deepen their meditation practice.

Liza Provenzano, Founder, SparkWorks Leadership & Coaching Inc.

As a Silicon Valley veteran, I’m expected to execute on my responsibilities with speed, precision, and a high level of success. I genuinely love what I do, but as my levels of responsibility were increasing dramatically, I wasn’t feeling the contentment I needed to keep me engaged as a leader and employee.

Working with Lumen Mindfulness helped me address the disconnect. Adding the tenets of mindfulness to my mental toolbox allows me to be in the moment and celebrate successes instead of allowing them to become a blurred memory. The recognition of professional achievements inspires me to do more, but more importantly it also allows me to bring calm and clarity into my personal life. My mindfulness practice helps me deal with both successes and failures with an equanimity that helps me live a happy, rich life.

Dr. Brian is a warm, engaging coach and I believe his courses would be an asset for executives and teams who want to stay engaged and happy.

Diane Vanasse
Senior Director
Marketing Communications & Public Relations
Credo Technology Group

For people who have difficulty being present and fully experiencing their environment without being mentally distracted by the present or future, this course offers tools to immediately enrich one’s life experience by focusing on the present and now. The mindfulness skills are easily acquired, easily implemented, and effective. Just because the practice is easy does not mean it’s not powerful. My life experience has been enhanced as I am more present with each day and less on autopilot. I am attending to my life much better with these skills and I’m very grateful to Dr. Dower for sharing his experience and these tools of Universal Mindfulness.

Brian R. Ferguson, DC

This was an excellent course for an introduction to mindfulness. It covered all of the basics in a very inclusive and professional environment and provided a number of resources for further practice. Brian’s professionalism and ability to lead the group class made the experience very enjoyable.

Paul Bradley, Finance Professional

Brian is an unusually insightful and generous instructor. He doesn’t offer a canned or one-size-fits-all approach to mindfulness; instead, his course introduces multiple ways into a more mindful life. The classes include engaging instruction, useful guided practice and wise, empathetic interaction. Unlike my previous experiences with mindfulness, this course gave me the flexibility I needed to build a nurturing practice of mindfulness into my life.

Patricia Westerhof, writer and creative writing instructor

Dr. Dower was extremely knowledgeable, present, engaging, and made me feel comfortable and open to talk in the course. His enthusiasm for the course content and material was palpable and guided each meditation in a calm and skilled manner. I highly recommend him as a teacher and leader in the field.

Mark Citro, Chiropractor

I knew I would enjoy and benefit from this course with Dr. Brian. He puts his heart and soul into his work and his passion shines through. His voice is calming and he never once got stumped with any questions that were thrown at him. He effortlessly elaborated on and explained how mindfulness was at work with every experience someone shared. My mind is constantly racing, but I am now able to slow it down and be present in a moment. I thought prior to this course, I was living a pretty peaceful life…I was wrong. I highly recommend this course to anyone. If you’re open to it, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Brian.

Gaye Broderick 

Brian’s 8-week introductory course was a great start to mindfulness. Brian is very knowledgeable and passionate about mindfulness and meditation, and it showed through. He made meditation approachable and understandable, and made me feel as though there were no dumb questions. The sessions were designed nicely and had a good balance between introducing a variety of different techniques while also dedicating time for learning how to use those techniques in everyday life. This course was extremely beneficial to me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reducing stress, being more present, or learning how to find more joy in life!

Claire Chisholm – University Student

I registered to attend Dr. Brian’s 8-week Introduction to Mindfulness Course in hopes of improving my focus and concentration. Dr. Brian’s warm and engaging nature made me feel comfortable participating. The techniques he shared can be applied to help filter out the clutter and feel more in the moment in virtually any situation. I highly recommend Dr. Brian and look forward to continuing my mindfulness journey!

Tyler Shannik, Travel Industry Professional 

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week beginner mindfulness course I took with Dr. Brian. The material was incredibly interesting and accessible to all. Brian lead us through many practices and helped the group members to feel comfortable and safe. He welcomed our questions and always gave excellent feedback and explanations. Brian was available to us outside of class time as well. He is very committed and passionate about Unified Mindfulness techniques. Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to anyone, young or old, looking to learn more about how developing a mindfulness practice can lead to a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Tanya Ellsworth, Halifax High School Teacher