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Lumen Mindfulness – How we help

Are you stressed? A little overwhelmed? Feeling lost and unfocused in your day? You’re not alone.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Mindfulness and tried various meditation techniques but haven’t had a lot of success. Perhaps you found it all a bit complicated and time-consuming. Or, perhaps you’ve been meditating for years and are curious about a new approach to practice. You’re not alone there either.

At Lumen, we’ll help you succeed in finding the calm, clarity, and contentment that you’re missing in your day by building your mindful skills of concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity.

  • We’ll teach you a variety of easy-to-learn techniques from the Unified Mindfulness system that you can practice and apply in your everyday life… all without a huge time commitment.
  • Our approach includes time for both the teaching and the practicing of what you’ve learned, with lots of time for your specific questions and answers.
  • Most importantly, we’ll help you learn how to bring Mindfulness into your everyday life, like when you’re brushing your teeth or walking the dog, and not only when seated on a meditation cushion in a quiet room (although the techniques work exceptionally well there too).

All you need is a desire to take the first steps towards a new way of “being” in your life… in the present, instead of living on autopilot, lost in thoughts about your past or your future. That’s what Mindfulness can do for you. That’s what Lumen can do for you.

You’re already taking the first step towards calm, clarity and contentment just by reading this. Ready for the next step? That’s great… because we’re ready for you.

Lumen Mindfulness

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